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Give the Gift of Art for Under $250

Only a few things could beat 5 golden rings for Christmas, but we’ll try anyway. We’ve selected 12 amazing works of art that are all under $250.

If your loved ones would appreciate the gift of art this season or, like us, you can’t wait to add a new piece to your collection, the following affordable suggestions will not break the bank and still give you the joy of gifting or owning art.

Untitled design (2)

For the fan of the classics

Ah, we love them. The classical art aficionado is probably the easiest to buy for as their favorite artists or subjects are well known and the art is easy to find. A taste for the classics is something that a great number of artists and collectors alike seem to share. Still life, figurative works like portraits, landscape works, etc. make great gifts.

Antique Bottle with Garlic

This piece has been SOLD. A unique work by Christopher Garvey. Oil on Canvas. Size : 9.5 x 12 x 0.5 in. Includes free shipping.

Game On

"Collage is my thinking process, my therapy and has become of world of its own!"

Frame : Composite Framed Size : 16 x 12 x 1 in. Unique work. Includes free shipping.


I Put A Spell On You

Sometimes standing in your own space .. in silence, reminds you of how truly powerful you are. Original oil painting on cradled panel. Sides painted black for a contemporary feel. Framing is optional but not necessary.  

For the contemporary connoisseur

You can spot them easily, and if you’re friends with one, consider yourself lucky. They are the people who are either on trend or better yet, setting the trend. They know their way around art and design so well you had once dreamed about them decorating your apartment or overhauling your closet. However, this can also be the most difficult group to buy art for, especially on a limited budget. But don’t worry, they’re also typically adventurous and are “taken” with a great piece of art regardless of the modest cost.


Framed and Signed Giclee art print (2015). Limited Edition of 50 copies with certificates of authenticity. Exclusively edited by Curioos. This Art print is signed, numbered and stamped by Curioos. Each copy comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.  

Zebrafish, Danio (Dynamic Composition)

I love to paint aquarium fish. It gives me the opportunity to develop dynamic surfaces and motion full of life and beauty. This piece is on heavyweight watercolor paper and will need a frame for display.  

For those who like a little bit of edge

If your friend or loved one enjoys the aesthetic of industrial places – think steel + hardwood floor + distressed leather– chances are they would enjoy pieces with a bit more funk. The strong expressionist brush strokes of certain abstract pieces, darker moods and subjects definitely match this style preference.

“Best Friend” Original Modern Blue and Red Modern on SALE

This unique work by Rebeca Román expresses with exuberant emotions, but restrained in space and figures. The mood is contemplative.  

Deer, 2013 – Print – Large

"Deer" presents the image of a deer against a textured background of black, violet, and aqua tones. Like any of MALO's works, this piece is certain to add a sense of energy and sophistication to any room.  

Seaweed #1

"This is a study working with water and motion while still keeping the vibrant color, texture and energy of my work." Includes free shipping.  

For the whimsical one

Lightness, fantasy, and playful are just some of the words associated to art that projects whimsy. If someone you care about is into soft tones and magical themes, Christmas is the best time to give them this kind of art. After all, isn’t it this particular season that brings out the lightness in all of us?

16×24 in. Alex Kain Louis

This piece by Alex Kain is entitled "Louis". This C-Print which measures 16×24 inches includes free shipping.

Anaranjado 2

This mixed media painting on paper by artist Leslie Paul features abstracted circular forms in green/turquoise, orange, red, white and black. Please note, dimensions refer to overall paper size.

Joyous Life Of Hippopotamus

Art has always been a form of contemplation for Tabu. It enables him to think and be aware of things, and it helps him construct and deconstruct his thoughts and feelings toward people, objects, and events while staying non-judgmental about them. He explores the relationship we and our man-made world have with nature and the universe - physically and spiritually - and delves deeper into life's big questions. His artworks reflect such devastating natural disasters as earthquakes and tsunamis as well as our everyday grief and joy in the mundane. By illustrating the bottomless abyss of our dreams and realities, he wishes to remind people of the importance and existence of the present moment in which we only exist.

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